Epic Fail

I like to think I'm a pretty fair-minded person. I always try and clue you guys in if something blows me away, but I think it's important that I warn you about products you should never waste your money on.
So here's a few duds I found when cleaning out the makeup drawer.

No!No! Hair Remover

Seriously, is there anything more obnoxious than shaving? Perhaps waxing, just because I always get my fingers stuck together. So when I heard about the no!no! I thought this was a miracle. Unfortunately, I've been using it for three months now with barely any results.


- It's great to use before you shave, because it gets rid of those annoying dark spots that are sometimes left behind when you've been shaving too much.

- Painless, actually is kind of fun to use.


- Um... didn't do what it's supposed to do. I don't have any less hair. I wouldn't be so bothered by that if it did the same thing that shaving does, but it doesn't. Even after using the polisher I still have little nasty shriveled/burnt hair stubble that I have to shave off.

So.... for a couple Benjamins this is definitely not worth the expense.

Sally Hansen French Manicure Pen

I try to keep my nails polished at all times since they need a little love and support to keep from cracking. Plus I think it just looks more polished (I crack myself up).
Of course, I love french tipped nails because it's just like your nails in a perfect world.
Am I willing to pay $20 every week or so to get this done? Hell no.
So I loved the idea of this pen, because I thought it would be just as simple as drawing on my nails. I'm an artist! I can draw! I CAN DO THIS!!

Um. not so.


- Great idea.


- Needs several coats of the equivalent of white-out to make anything look white. Did I mention its strange and chalky and goes on lumpy?

- The tip is WAY to big. Unless you're planning on doing french manicures on man hands, this is not going to work. And if you are giving a guy a french manicure that's a whole different story.

So basically I still had to do a little magic with a cotton swab to get it to look presentable, and because this is basically white out it started to peel and looked strange.
Seriously, you're better off just using white nail polish, then a cotton swab dipped in a remover to clean it up.

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