I'm Working On It

The closet cleaning is slow going. I have a pile of clothes in the corner that I'm "sleeping" on, because I'm deciding whether I really want to part with them or not (aka if they're fitting into the new aesthetic that I'm creating). I also have a few bags that are going to Buffalo Exchange this weekend, hopefully they'll buy it and I'll be able to pick up something pretty there.

After ruthlessly editing I played around on polyvore for a while, coming up with new combinations for what's already in my closet. A few new things snuck into my polyvore's though, and I'm considering them for my wishlist.

For example, I'm seriously considering those tromp l'oeil tights and the gold cuff. For some reason I'm going tromp l'oeil crazy, and bangles and bracelets just seem fresh to me right now.

I'm so over statement necklaces.

But anyway, I'll be back with my shopping list soon. (yeah, I know I just made one. But now I really must make a necessary one)

I can already tell you two things that will be on it: jeggings and a black full slip.
I'm so tired of bunches in my boots, and I have a couple dresses that I haven't worn, simply because they are indecent without a slip.
Did you know no one carries slips anymore? It's kind of ridiculous. Trust me, I looked. Maybe I'll get a pretty lacey vintage one....

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