Ignoring the fact that I just love saying the word (come on, you know that's a hilarious sounding word. Jeggings, one who jegs. Let's do a bit of jegging today!) I'm thinking about investing in a pair of jeggings.*

Because I love boots, but I hate when my jeans scrunch up inside and over the top and I wind up with an awkward jean muffin top. The solution (of course) is to just wear leggings, but it would be nice to be able to wear jeans with them too.

Therefore, I am about to commence jegging.

I like these two pairs from ASOS:

Kate Indigo Knitted Jeggings

Kate Indigo Knitted Jegging (Lauren Conrad style)

They're sufficiently jean-like for me, the first one even has the metal studs that jeans have. They also come in a variety of lengths, up to 34 inch inseams (WOOO!).

However, it would be nice though to be able to try them before I buy, so if anyone has a pair of jeggings and loves them, let me know where you got them! And I've never bought from ASOS before, how's the quality of clothing?
And I figure if I'm paying flat rate shipping anyway, I might as well get this jumpsuit.

Halter Tailored Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Best part of living in NYC? I can totally wear stuff like this out to breakfast and class and no one even looks twice. They're too busy complimenting the kid who sits next to me on his red leather pants and electric blue guy-liner.
Okay, the guy-liner does look kind of awesome.

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