Peanut Gallery

In true American Democratic style I'm throwing open the doors for comments on my latest blog experiment.

I've been enjoying doing these outfit posts, but they do take a little time and I realize my photography skills are not on par with many of the fabulous bloggers out there, and am deciding whether to keep posting them.

So darlings, let's hear it:

Love them, hate them, wish I would start being a little more photogenic, wondering why I'm even asking this question, think they're a waste of good cyber-space?
Let me know in the comments.

oh, and side note? I stopped by Chickpea after one of the interviews for a shwarma sandwich pick me up, and got a bottle of Coconut Chai milk handed to me by some dude with a dog named Ozzie as a "gift from mother earth man, it's the karma, just believe in the karma and enjoy mother's milk." And they were both probably the best thing I've tasted in weeks. No lie.

Why was I standing around outside for dude's with dogs to give coconut milk to? Because American Apparel forces people to wait outside in the cold to attend "Casting Calls" aka they take a picture of you to decide if you're sexy enough to work in their store.
Jesus. I hate job hunting.


Patricia said...

You look great, so keep up the photographs! You just need to work on the lighting a little bit. It's tricky indoors and many times it's worse when there's scattered sunlight interfering.
Best of luck with the job hunting.

Erin said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll play around with some lamps and see if I can help the lighting situation.