New Year

I thought I'd try something a little different this time. I haven't done outfit posts for various reasons, but I like seeing other bloggers outfits so much I thought that I'd try my hand at it.

plaid shirt: Target (men's section)

black flats: Sam & Libby

black jacket: Vertigo

leggings: F21

So of course I started it off with my lazy day/errand running outfit.

I also just realized I have a stray hair there. Damn. My hair's at that awkward stage where it's just long enough that it doesn't look good if I don't do anything to it, but it's still too short to put up and disguise that I haven't done anything to it.

Next time I'll get real fancy for you guys and actually do my hair :) and maybe figure out the lighting in my apartment and possibly even smile.

I feel that this photo says "This fashion stuff is hard work! NO REALLY!".

What I'm actually thinking is "Man, I hope my camera doesn't fall over on the book-mountain I created for it, what's the blinking light? How many seconds do I have left again? Like... oh. I think that was the picture".

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