Inspire Me

Best place for some inspiration for now is to look at then. In no particular order here are some women who's style I'm really liking, Marlene Dietrich, random stylish lady, Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel, Rachael from Blade Runner.

Its always nice to take a look at them all together and see some of the common themes. So here's what I've learned from my little exercise:

1. I don't really do color. This is not exactly a surprise, but in the past couple years a few have snuck into my closet because I felt I "needed" some color. Perhaps I'm just better suited for neutrals such as black, grey, french navy and a little white. I should focus on the texture instead of adding lots of color that I don't know what to do with.

2. I love, love a tomboyish look. Is there anything sexier than a woman in man-inspired clothes? Or you know, their boyfriend/brother/father/ guy friend's clothes? I think not.
I also like them to be a little tough. I'm not a chains, studs and shredding kind of dresser (although some girls are and they look fabulous. I just don't have the personality to go with it) but I like a stronger shoulder, a great leather jacket, a more severe cut, and some killer heels, which to me reads as a little gritty but still lady-like.

3. I like simplicity. Something simple, in rich materials, tailored perfectly is my idea of fabulousness. If it's rich, cashmere, silk, linen, even a thick jersey that makes me want to rub my face on it, it's a winner. As much as I appreciate the boho-chic aesthetic, it's just not me. I think putting on earrings AND a cocktail ring as "too much". I'm secretly a minimalist at heart.

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