When I got out of my final today I stopped by the bathroom to wipe off the oil that without fail is always coating my face (so glamorous, I know).
But when I reached into my bag for my e.l.f. shine eraser pack, I found that it was empty. I might have had a small panic attack. Just a little one.
Thankfully I have about five more stashed in my desk drawer that I'd forgotten about, but I figured that I should let you know about this little beauty miracle.
If you have an oily or combination complexion, these are your saviors. They mop up oil and banish any sort of shininess, and they leave you with just a beautiful clean looking skin (instead of that powdery caked look foundation and powder can give you). They're easy to keep on hand and they're also only $1 each at E.L.F. (Btw Clean and Clear's blotting papers are $6 a pack. Just saying.) so you can stock up without the guilt.

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