Hot Seat

I like clothes. I like makeup. I take great care in how I present myself, because unfortunately, people make a judgement of what kind of person you are within the first 30 seconds of meeting you. I think this kind of visual awareness is just sort of the package deal with being an art student, because I have yet to see a shabby art student (or at least unintentionally shabby).

However, I'm finding it stressful to know that one of the major things that's going to make or break an interview is how I look.
Somehow I have to look fashionable and professional, so while the usual corporate suit isn't going to quite cut it, bleached jeans aren't the answer either.

interview by erind90 featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs

My interview uniform has usually been a nice dress or skirt and blouse with pumps. It's a pretty safe bet and you can't really go wrong as long as you aren't showing cleavage or your hoo-ha.

These couple weeks my go-to uniform has been my fabulously swishy pleated black Theory skirt, black tights and pumps, an oxford shirt, and my Lanvin silk scarf tied like a tie.
Hey, I can be a bit tongue in cheek for interviews if I want to. Sure I'll wear a suit and tie, except, you know, my way.
The finishing pieces are a nice clutch (I had a bad incident a year ago with a prospective boss's desk plant and my tote bag.... I'm really better off with a small purse.) my resume and everything else that says that I'm a competent human being, and to finish it all off a great big smile :)

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♥ Marta from With Love... said...

It is all about presentation on an interview...which is so nerve wrecking. This summer I was interning at an art gallery and getting dressed for it was a nightmare for me... trying to look professional, chic and young :)