It's Coming Together

The last week has been a bit crazy around here with school, finding work, some playtime, and life in general.
HOWEVER, let's talk all the fun stuff.

I went to a screening for the movie When in Rome that's coming out in January. We watched it, got free popcorn and free movie passes (yay!) gave our opinion (boo!) and generally had a pretty awesome time. All I've got to say is that this is definitely a fluffy rom-com and don't expect any substance. If you want to see it just for the man candy that is Josh Duhamel, that is a perfectly acceptable (and perhaps only) reason to see it.

mmm.... man candy

I also went and saw From the House of the Dead at the Met. It's an opera based off of Dostoyevsky's memoirs of a prison camp in Siberia, written by Leos Janacek and performed in Czech. Can't you tell that it's quite the romp?
Actually, this was worthwhile seeing. I wouldn't take someone who hadn't seen opera before, because it is certainly an avante-garde production, but it was pretty stunning if a little surprising.
For some more information you can check out this short director's clip

Last but not least I've been doing interviews up the hoozah (and for those of you not acquainted with that word. It means A WHOLE LOT) and I think the possibility of employment in the near future is looking pretty likely. WOOO!

So anyway, wish me luck, have a great weekend and I'm off to study for finals.


Marz said...

Wish I lived near the Met to see that opera! I'm studying Russian studies and it would be awesome to see something like that. Good luck with your interviews! :)


Erin said...