The Cuckoo's Nest

I normally do not condone graphic t-shirts, I find them slightly juvenile (personal taste, of course) but this one I would make an exception for.

I just feel like people always have a certain place and (unfortunately sometimes) a certain time that they belong to, no matter where they started out. When people finally find the right country/city/area you can just tell, and they settle right in. Some people know right away where they need to be, other people it takes a bit longer but I think that everyone has a place.

Long story short I spent High School with a picture of the New York City skyline and a Calvin Klein ad taped to the inside of my binder as a little inspiration. Now that I'm here I feel like I've already won half the battle. :)

Of course, the other half is staying here, but we're taking that one step at a time.

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