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Sterling Style got me thinking with her comment about how she just wants to toss everything out of her closet and start fresh.

We all have those days. You just open up your wardrobe and are like, "Man." *SIGH* "What am I going to WEAR??" and then if you're me you decide that there are really only two options.*

1. go to class naked

2. go back to bed.

So the question is how do you avoid those days?

What you need is the Ridiculously-Edited-Closet

So I was forced to have a REC because of my closet space. But now that I have it I've learned just how wonderful it can be to have clothes that count in quality, not quantity.

Yeah, I dream of owning a Carrie Bradshaw sized wardrobe sometimes, but when it comes down to it I know what I like, and do I really need 52 pleated a-line skirts? (depends...)

So how do you get a REC?

According to my experience/how I wound up in this situation:

1. Purge
Seriously. Imagine you're going to have to fit all of your clothes into my closet space (6'x4'x2' if you're wondering) if it's not an essential basic, and you don't absolutely love it and want to do a little twirl in it when you put it on, toss/donate it.

2. Fast Fiscally
Now, like a true college student you will have no money for the next three months. You are going to have to live with only your favorite clothes for those three months. (sounds a bit like a desert island test doesn't it?). The idea is that as you go from day to day, you'll definitely start to realize where the holes in your wardrobe are. Which brings us to the next step...

3. Keep a List
But you are completely free to browse, find inspiration, and drool over everything in the pretty 5th avenue shops. Just keep tabs on all those things that make your heart go pitter-pat and also the holes in your wardrobe (Evernote is great for this).
Keep a list, and check it not twice, but closer to 47 times so you can edit and trim it down. Put down whatever you like (this is a dream wardrobe list after all), but after a little while check it and ask if you still need this.
Do you need that trendy jumpsuit? Probably not.
Do you need those black pumps? YES.
Do you need that fabulous pink dress that makes you feel like a princess? Sure!

4. Edit List
After three months (which is pretty much an eternity in fashion time) you'll have a pretty good idea of what you actually need and love, instead of what is just a passing fad.
Of course, remember the point is to keep everything edited, so try not to get too crazy and actually edit your list down to the bare minimum.
A good resource is Real Simple's Essentials of a Well-Balanced Wardobe, obviously this is meant for 40 year olds but if you take it as a guideline instead of a rule book it's a pretty good summation.

5. Go Forth and Buy
Then, with all that money you've saved up in those three months (in my case, a whopping $200. WOOOOO!) go out and buy those closet staples and the loves of your life that you've been missing.

*KIDDING! I promise...
photo thanks to flikr

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