Are We There Yet?

I have to say that when it comes to fashion shows and seasons I tend to think that the time and date is relative (of course, some people will of say that the time and date is always relative in my life). Whatever season it is, the newest runway shows are just a source of inspiration, not a layout of what we should wait and plan for.

So even though we just left fall 2009, please darlings, don't get freaked out. The pre-fall 2010 shows are already here.
I took a perusal at some of the usual suspects, and my two favorites were Burberry Prorsom (as usual) and Versace.
Burberry Prorsum is definitely more my style, and season after season I wind up drooling over their runway collection. A little masculine edge to feminine basics, classic, clean, utilitarian, with interesting details. *sigh* This season is set to please as well.

I love the big snuggly jackets, soft leather, boiled wool and that crazy faux fur that I just want to dig my hands into. Also the lean, leg centered silhouette (always a favorite of mine. A girl's got her assets right?) I'm not sure about the cropped leg, which is a bit stumpifying but I've been dying to try out a pair of slouchy trousers, aka the harem pants more studious sister.

While Burberry is a collection about comfort (or at least it is for me), you have to love a designer who is so unapologetically in your face, flashy and fun as Versace.

This collection made me want to go party in Miami, just check out the day glo orange and blue! Also while black leggings are a staple in my wardrobe, after my initial interest I'm feeling kind of meh about leather leggings. However, these wet vinyl leggings.... I think I could find some space in my closet for a pair.

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