Girls, just a small announcement and then I'm heading off to the library (we've become AWESOME friends in the last couple of days). Another one of my favorite bloggers, Winona from Daddy Likey, is having a contest for the book she just published.
I know, she published a book. That makes her just that much cooler and makes me want to have a quarter life crisis over here.

Anyway, she's giving away five signed copies of her book, Closet Confidential, as well as a host of other awesome prizes with her signed book such as:
a unicorn necklace
Spice World, the movie
Butter by Nadia wrap dress
a watch from Normal Watches

and a bunch more, so check it out here and leave a comment to enter!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh love this!! I need to enter!! :)

By the way, I thought I was following you on Google Friend Connect, but I wasn't - I am now!! :)

Erin said...

thanks :)