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I feel a little dishonest. You see, I've been holding out on you guys.
Honestly, I thought everyone knew about these little tricks, but apparently not.

So here are some of my favorite e-shopping tools.

It's a pretty awesome search engine. Just type in what you're looking for "Linea Pelle" to "Awesome Lace Dress" and it will pull up hits from your favorite e-stores, which you can then filter through price, on sale, color, size ect.
Besides it's obvious uses, I like to use it to price check. See a great dress? Want to know if you can find it cheaper? Type in the brand and name and if it can be found anywhere else on the web it will pull it up.

Do you have a dream bag in mind? Or do you want a pair of shades that look exactly like Prada, except, you know, without the Prada price? Check this out. It's a search engine for bags, glasses, and shoes that lets you sort by color and shape. So go ahead and type in that Dooney and Bourke bag, then see what other (cheaper) bags have the same color or shape.

Savvy Circle
I actually just joined this site and I'm kind of loving it. If you see a favorite item (Say.... J Crew cashmere turtleneck. Yes, that's on my list) but you can't afford it right now, put it on your list. Savvy Circle will then let you know the moment it goes on sale. Sweet.

This is like a tailored personal shopper. You take a bunch of tests, they determine your "style type" (apparently I'm couture classic. Who knew?) then they send you a weekly email that has items in your size, in your style, on sale. Before the emails were mainly eye candy for me (Hell yeah, Birkin bag on sale? Wait, it's STILL got four digits) but they just recently added a price range so now I'm actually thinking about buying...

Gift Card Rescue
Christmas is coming up, and you know what I get the most often? Gift cards. Unfortunately you know that you're going to get some duds, so why not give them a good home? This site will buy your gift cards for a decent percentage of the price, and also sells gift cards for stores you might want to shop at (we're talking $20 for a $25 gift card. Not a lot, but it adds up). You can collect gift cards to your favorite stores (ahem, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Victoria's Secret, Sephora....) or just stop by before shopping.

And of course darlings, always, ALWAYS do a google search with the words "promo code", "coupon" and the store you're about to buy from. It's worth a look.

Thought I'd put what I know out on the table, especially since most people are starting their Christmas shopping. Of course, if you have some clever bargain-hunting tricks up your sleeve, go on and share with us!
photo thanks to celiomarie

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