Flats vs. Heels

my babies....

my favorite heels from Tahari (at the moment)

I love heels. A lot. The higher, the crazier, the better. Most of my friends will argue that when a person measures in at 5'9" that there's really no need for more height.
My favorite moment wearing heels? When my guy friend said, "You know Erin, you're like really tall usually, but now you're like... guy tall."
Of course, please realize that I was wearing my conservative 3" heels.... although now that I think about it (math isn't my strong suit) that would put me at 6' tall and taller than all my girlfriends and most of my guy friends.

The point of this is although everyone always says "spend money on what you love, buy more of what you wear the most" this is seriously conflicting in my case.

I love my heels, I wear them every time an occasion even remotely allows for them, but in reality I'm a student. Therefore for comfort's sake I spend more time in flats and NYC pavement is not kind to flats (I just had a mini funeral for another purple pair that got holes through the soles)

So here's the question: what do you spend more money on? Flats (which most girls wear every day) or heels (where quality matters. A LOT)?

I find I split it pretty fifty/fifty. So that means I have a lot of cheaper flats and a few expensive heels.
I personally have not found a way to make flats last longer than a year for me (but if anyone has a trick please chime in because I'm getting sick of replacing them).

Oh and just for fun here's a picture of my closet. Yup. that's about it. The other half is my roommate's, and there's about a 6" of shelving behind that wall.

All I can say is that college has definitely forced me to know what works and toss out anything that doesn't, because there's limited space and if I'm not in love with it.... well, that simply won't do.

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