Sock It To Me

The other fashion trend that I'm lusting after this year is knee high socks. I completely rocked this trend from elementary school to freshman year of highschool, but its time to bring it back, albeit with a little more class and just as much sass this time around.
I think I'll be ditching the argyle and neon glitter stockings and sticking with a dark charcoal or perhaps a textured pair of stockings that come to just above the knee, with a couple inches of skin and then the hem of my skirt (to keep things classy. We're going for cute and sassy, not "I just got off the street corner" here)
I'm taking my inspiration from these lovely ladies on Lookbook.nu, although the style I had in mind most resembles the last one.

Funny story about these socks, I was talking with Blondie, who is always slightly baffled about my love of shopping and watches in amusement as I systematically hunt down all the items I "need" for that season. This year as I was explaining why I needed long socks, he asked "you mean catholic school girl like socks?"

"Sort of... well, yes. Except not like a slutty catholic school girl. Classy knee high socks. I'm only showing a bit of skin above the knee." Which is true. I'm hoping to stay FAR away from that cliche

Blondie thinks about this for a couple of seconds, then decides. "Catholic school girl socks. I approve of this trend."

Apparently there's no way to stay completely away from the school girl cliche. But hey, if I wear my "Clark Kent" glasses then I guess I'm just going to be channeling Geek Chic this winter, and a woman with wit is always "in".

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