The List

It's that time of year again, when the seasons are changing and its time for the quarterly purge and closet update. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) I have a very minimal closet and am still in the process of getting "basics" so while most of my list is pretty boring (leggings, socks, v-neck sweaters, BRAS THAT FIT) there are a few things that I'm more excited about.

Statement Necklace: This necklace sold out in Monaco's shop on Etsy back in June (of course) before I had any money in the account from my summer jobs. Now that I have cash to burn it is still sold out, but I'm faithfully stalking it until it's restocked. For a $26 necklace it doesn't get much better than this. The other option I was playing with was the House of Harlow black resin necklace, but its been worn by too many celebs and although I love it, I think that its a tad pricey and since its had so much press in a few years it would be too dated to wear.

Brogues/oxfords: I need these adorable shoes in my life. Cute, comfy, a little boyish and spunky in a poppy red or cornflower blue. I have yet to find the perfect pair, but trust me, I'm on the hunt. This pair is from topshop and was featured on shoewawa.

Candy and Caviar Vest: This is not a general want that has
to be filled, this is a specific need (almost). This blair hooded vest has me doing the drool, look at budget sheet, whimper, and repeat dance at $185. That's a little more than I'm willing to spend. In the mean time I'm looking for an alternative, and still drooling at the picture of this vest on 80spurple.com.

Sequin Tanktop: I'm not much of a sequins and bobbles kind of girl. I like my fabrics simple, made of either silk, cotton, wool, or linen. If I can't point to the plant or animal that it came from, I don't feel that comfortable wearing it. But I must have caught some of the 80's fever going around because these sequin tops are looking awfully good to me. In a subdued grey or black, I could definately see myself rocking this look on a night out. This gorgeous topper is by see by chloe, but I'm eyeing some of the tanks at express.

American Apparel Disco Pants: I viewed the leather leggings trend with a little apprehension when I first saw it. I am not a grunge chic, nor am I a rocker chic. Yet after a year the look is certainly growing on me, in fact I'm really liking it, and now I finally found a pair that I could fit into my wardrobe. Especially since I've long ago realized my best assets are my legs, why not showcase them?

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