Mall Booty Boot Camp

So I had the perfect chance to test out my new foundation and concealer's staying power today. I had a six hour shift down at the pool lifeguarding, in the indoor pool (which is the equivalent to spending six hours in a sauna). It might have been a little too tough for a first try, but I figured it would show me what kind of abuse it could take.

What I determined about the Fresh Umbrian Clay line:


very natural looking

light feeling

stayed on the whole six hours with minimal fading

kept my face looking dewy (dewy by the fifth hour of sweating started to border on greasy, but what can you expect, still impressive)


its sheer to begin with, so any more fading and it would be almost nonexistant

the concealer is the same amount of pigment coverage as the foundation (as I found out when I had to cover a honking zit on my chin this morning, or not cover as the case with this concealer would be)

I'm a flub when it comes to liquid foundation, I'm a lot more comfortable with powder

liked the foundation a lot for a liquid, the concealer I might as well use as more foundation. It definately works well for the summer when I don't want much makeup anyway. However, for the cost of this product its not worth it. I had just as much coverage and natural looking-ness from my $5 N.Y.C. mineral powder as this $45 foundation (I still can't believe I paid that much) the only difference is that this didn't start to clump in my pores after the six hours and stayed on longer.

So I did my research and for my winter foundation/concealer I definately am trying out Sephora brand mineral powder (I like a more matte look in the winter anyway) which is half the cost, and figure I'll get some real heavy weight concealer from Josie Maran, which is about the same.

And thankyou ladies at makeupalley.com, I should have done the research and listened to your wisdom and expertise BEFORE I went to Sephora. I have sinned, and I am once again on the straight path.

*what about the tarte cheekstain you say? Ladies, I am in love. The flush, the texture, even the smell and the juicy colors... I might just pick up another one when I go get winter makeup just because, you know, you can never have too many colors right? I'm thinking the dollface one for such a pretty pink.

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