Color Theory

So I realize that I'm not exactly one to expound on color theory, considering a peek into my closet reveals my undying devotion to black, grey, white and khaki. However, there is one color combination that has my love and that is the combination of purple, orange and green. I know it's unlikely, but for some reason I feel that these colors just work together. For example:
purple green orange by erind90 featuring Miu Miu shoespurple green orange

These are three outfits I would wear in a heartbeat, all featuring these three colors. My theory is that since all the primary colors go together (red, yellow, blue) it only makes sense that secondary colors all coordinate as well (orange, purple, green). And of course, my other two favorite colors to wear, blue and pink look delicious with any of these colors as well

pink and blue
pink and blue by erind90 featuring Dorothy Perkins

Of course I use my favorite neutrals to ground these a little, but that just keeps the colors from competing with each other.
I feel that color is one of the easiest ways to stand out in a crowd. I was always told never to buy a black cocktail dress. EVERYONE wears black to formal events, so my fancy dress is a cherry red. Let me tell you, this makes me very easy to find at a black tie event. Wearing color is not for someone who wants to slip into the background.
One of my resolutions for the new fashion year is to try and wear more color, instead of falling into the New York cliche of wearing all black (which I have done a few times, I'll admit.) My goal is to look like this:

Except, well, you know.... in my own style. I was never really one for dead muppet coats or layers and layers of tulle :)

shopaholic pictures by style.la.mimi.com

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