Mall Booty

So unfortunately I had to be practical when I went to the mall today. I did drop by Express and do go check them out, they have got a bunch of this fall/winter's trends nailed perfectly. Nice blazers, skinny pants/leggings, dolman sleeve sweaters, and some sick sequins. I almost broke my budget for that sequin top I want but I restrained myself. I'll pick it up in a week or two when the paycheck comes in. Also I had to go get some bras that actually fit, and Aerie is having a 30% off on all bras for I don't know how long. So all us girls know how expensive bras are (my theory is that the merchandizers know we need them, so we'll pay anything without a grumble in order not to go braless) so get thee to Aerie!
some leggings from forever21 (it gets cold up in New England!)
and some much needed makeup.
let me explain to you, I am not a makeup girl. I prefer the "natural look" and only lately I found out that to have a natural look you still need to wear makeup. So at the tender age of 19 (I know, I'm a late bloomer) I finally got some big girl makeup.
Honestly I'm kind of afraid of stores unless I have something specific in mind. So going into Sephora saying "I need a foundation, concealer and blush, something for senstive skin that's all natural" was an ordeal. Once a salesperson has their teeth in me I'm afraid I can never seem to speak up for my own good.
So what the sales person gave me with no real input of my own was:

Tarte Cheekstain in Tickled: I played around with this for a little while, and it does give a pretty flush after I realized I can't just smear this all around and expect it to look good. Dab darling, just a little dab...
Fresh Umbrian Clay Foundation: Its nice for a makeup newbie like me, very light, nice texture, fits my skin tone well, doesn't have any nasties in it. After doing a little research on it though it seems a lot of people had problems with it staying on through the day, especially people with oily faces.
I have an oily face.
Well, we'll see how it holds up. A little powder usually works miracles.
Fresh Umbrian Clay Concealer: Same as foundation, except maybe a little thicker. This however, I heard good things about when I googled it. For my two hour test run before I had to head back to work I had no problems with either of these products (except now I have to get a foundation brush too don't I? And setting powder??? Who knew there were hidden costs of makeup... *grumble*) But we'll see how they hold up when I go out on Saturday.

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