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Its been a little hectic at work lately, so I've been making it a habit to take a few half hour breaks throughout the day by reading in the shade (don't worry, the half hour breaks are mandatory so I don't get heat stroke as a lifeguard :) )

I've been re-reading my collection of Ray Bradbury books. I just finished "Something Wicked this Way Comes" and am currently reading through "One More for the Road". If you haven't read Ray Bradbury yet I highly recommend him, there is really no one else who writes quite like he does.
All of his stories have just a slight malice to them, with one foot in reality and one foot someplace else. I always have to think about them for a while every time I read them, they really are quite extraordinary.
But they also have me loving editorials like this:

Not outright scary, just beautiful with a hint of malice. The fourth picture if gorgeous. Perfect.

Tanya Dziahileva by Henri Bulow for Dansk
(thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue)

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