Midnight Blue

Just a quick post about a new beauty trend that I'm jumping on (I'm becoming quite the beauty maven aren't I?).
Nailpolish for the fall/winter season. Usually reserved for reds as opposed to spring/summer pinks, but that's all changing.
We are looking at the moody and unexpectedly edgy colors of the spectrum this year. Beautiful blacks, charcoals, burgundy and jade greens (ala Chanel), especially in a matte, these nail polish shades are like the teenagers of the nail polish family. While I might dabble in a matte shade this year in a charcoal color (my favorite color in general for winter), the color that stole my heart was this moody navy from Chanel, Blue Satin: And for those of us not willing to spend $23 on a nail polish, here's Midnight Satin from Milani, at a more reasonable $4.50:
Picture thanks to Nailphile

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