Hazards of Going to the Bank

So you want to know what's really great about going to my bank to drop off my latest paycheck? (into my savings, I promise. I've been good)
It's right next door to a Marshalls, which is like the nirvana of all thrift shopping, especially their clearance section. So OF COURSE I have to drop by every time I put money into the bank, and sometimes I score, and sometimes I don't. Today was a pretty good day.

I found this DKNY Pure silk black blouse for $10, marked down from $195 dollars. No, I didn't forget to put a decimal in there, that is one hundred and ninety five dollars. It's a size 10 (where I'm usually a size 2 or 4) but it was in the small section and I had tried it on before I checked the size thinking it was a tunic sort of blouse. Personally, I liked it kind of big and tunicy so I just took the sides in an inch or so when I got home and I'm perfectly happy. Plus, it fulfills my need for a basic black blouse.

And here's my other find, which was a denim top from a brand Velvet Heart for $16 marked down from $45. I just think it's absolutely adorable, and can definately see myself wearing it with my khaki and seersucker shorts now, and then my skirts and black pants later.

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