The Experiment

Ok, who has acne here? Who doesn't like it? And who would do just about anything to get rid of it? Who HAS done just about everything to get rid of it? You can all put your hands down now.

So I've been up and down that path, I've tried the drugstore (mixed results), I've tried the dermatologists (chemical burns on my face), I've tried monthly facials (expensive), I've even tried my mom's retin-A (more chemical burns). The last thing I've been using is a wicked crunchy granola system of sulphur soap, tea tree oil, and witch hazel that's actually been working decently this last month. Well, until it met my PMS hormones. Then it failed horribly.

So once again I'm in the market for, oh, I don't know, SOMETHING THAT WORKS. I've decided that maybe a regimen program might be the answer. So come join me on my little experiment.

Up this month: Acne.org regimen

So I picked this little beaut (it's actually just the three products on the top) because it seemed pretty legitimate, I'd heard good things, and he even admitted that you could do the same regimen with things from home. So at the moment the regimen (from his recommended products, of course you can also buy the kit on the website) is: wash with purpose face wash, coat face with neutrogena on the spot benzol peroxide, moisturize with cetaphil. I think that its simple enough that my skin won't freak out as well as being less expensive than pro-active or neutrogena skin ID. I just had to buy his gianormous bottle of benzol peroxide for about $15, which is now on its way.

Please excuse the crazy eyed, no makeup and half awake morning face. I haven't had my coffee yet. Anyway, this is after one day on this system. Not bad, not bad, but I think it might be just because of the sulphur soap and the fact that I live in chlorine as a swim teacher. There's a little redness on my chin and nose and a bit of roughness (blame the chlorine) but other than that, acceptable. I didn't get any of the burning or itching that acne.org warned about, so we're going to keep going on this and see how it handles the hormones next week. Don't worry, I'll keep you updated on the experiment.

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