Thanksgiving: Traveling

I did this post last year, but it's that time again.
I don't know about anyone else, but I see my family and my hometown maybe three times a year.
And, well, you know how it is seeing old High School classmates, the exes, the frenemies, the family...

So trust me. I will not be wandering around in my sweats all Thanksgiving.

One problem is travel.
Unfortunately I take the Fung Wah bus back home.
It's quick and dirty, making a four hour trip to Boston for $15 (cash only) and gets the job done. Unfortunately no one speaks English, if the GPS fails the trip takes seven hours, sometimes they forget to shut the bus door and board your luggage, we've left people at a random gas station along the pike at 2 am because the bus driver needed "Cheetos" (I think) and forgot to count everyone as they got off the bus so he got frustrated and left, and oh yeah, sometimes they just go up in a fiery ball at the side of the highway.

But besides that I highly recommend the company. Like I said, they're fast.

So what is necessary for this kind of travel? One word: Comfort.
And if I had to pick another, I'd probably say: Mace (just kidding... sort of)


Nalgene (in case of being stranded)
Food (ditto)
Ipod (to drown out sounds of bus breaking down and crossing seven lanes of traffic without putting on a blinker)
Luggage (because if it isn't with me, it's on the side of Grand Street, Chinatown as we drive away)
Pashmina Scarf ($15 doesn't include heating or air-conditioning)
Socks (yeah, it doesn't include cleaning the bus either)
Flares and mace (in case of emergencies...)

My general plan for a traveling outfit is to be comfortable and presentable. So instead of pulling out the sweats try leggings and jersey t-shirt dress.
I also wear my boots because it saves some space in my luggage. A general tip is try to wear anything bulky onto a plane or bus instead of packing it, such as a winter coat or boots.
And personally I find that a hat and sunglasses are necessary for going incognito, because who has time to do their hair and makeup before catching a 6 am bus?

As for the sword, well, apparently they don't allow mace onto the Fung Wah buses anymore.

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