I'm not sure how I feel about fur coats and over the knee boots becoming a trend that everyone and their moms are wearing.

It seems that when I love something no one is making it.
Then a plethora of really awesome options become available.
Then everyone has it, and the appeal wears off a little.
Then I mentally kick myself that I didn't pick up a really awesome [insert item here] before the fad has passed.

But here's the game plan this time around.

Considering that I loved these two things before, and that they are very in my personal style (Androdynous/50's/with a bit of glamour/sex bomb thrown in. Makes sense to me anyway)
I figure I'll take this as a chance to buy some high-quality stylin' versions, then have them sit out in the time out corner for a little while until people have moved onto something new.

There's nothing as bad as trend saturation is there? Especially when you're emotionally invested.

But here's a few of my favorites from the season that I'm thinking about investing in:

Fur Coats

Over the Knee Boots

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