While it might be argued that I'm the one who could use a revamp (sorry ladies, I can't seem to get the idea out of my head. The spa is calling my name) I'm doing a revamp of a site for my web class.

Of course, I decided to do Net-a-Porter. They have such strong branding that I have a good base to jump off of, plus I didn't want to feel like I was shooting fish in a barrel if you know what I'm saying.

So we're off to tinker with their homepage, image and the information architecture slightly.
But here's a first draft of my revamped homepage that I presented in class today (I promise I won't bore you with my ideas for redesigning the site flow and architecture)



What do you think?
Ideally I would love the editorial image to change weekly (daily would be nice). A bit more tampering on the inside pages and maybe a bit of fine tuning with this page, and I think the look and feel will be all set. I was shooting for it to look more "magazine editorial" and less website.

Much more graphic and cutting edge, perfect for showing off couture, non?

Editorial image on "after" from Latin American Vogue, November 2010

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