Color Choice

People seem to be very irrational about colors sometimes. I know that I am.

My favorite colors? (apparently black, white, and grey don't count. Boo)

Light blush pink, navy blue, pale blue and wine purple.

Colors I absolutely cannot stand?

Brown. Taupe. Mustard. Green.

They remind me of dirt and food condiments and it makes me really not like them.

Brown I simply don't like because my hair, skin, and eyes are all brown so it makes me feel like I'm going to blend into the wallpaper if I wear it, and that's the last thing I want to do.

Of course, people always point out how someone with my coloring really should be wearing brown, taupe and a bright green (mustard makes my eyes appear yellow, which is a little creepy).

Which by all reasoning is probably true. They do compliment my coloring, but psychologically I just can't get over it. I even am a little hesitant to pull out items for my clients in these colors and refuse to have them anywhere near my own wardrobe.*

 I just don't particularly like them at all.

Am I the only person to limit myself to my favorite three colors and my favorite neutrals?
Does anyone else illogically hate a color, or am I just crazy? (it's okay, be honest ; ) )

*Please don't point out the fact that I love leopard print. It's completely irrational, and I realize that. I don't consider patterns to be colors for some reason.

Photo Thanks to nigel_appleton

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Anonymous said...

i choose brown because it looks more natural <3
you're so creative =9
P.S You have one new follower *hugs*

Xoxo ♥
Pinkie Anggia