Window Shopping

Sorry guys, I know that I haven't been posting much but things have been a bit crazy.
But I have been doing a bit of window shopping, this self control thing is SO HARD.
Well, after paying the plumber and bug guys for a busted pipe and a cockroach invasion it hasn't been too hard.
Unfortunately that means my accounts have gone a little south, but the alternative? Cockroaches and squishy carpets? No thanks.

On a complete side note, I think it's interesting how people react to a problem. I feel it shows a lot about their personality.
My three roomies and I stumble out of bed at 5 am when we hear this huge bang in the bathroom, aka a busted water pipe.
My first reaction "I hope that wasn't important"
room mate #1 "I didn't do it!"
room mate #2 "Oh my god, our land lady is going to kill us! OMG OMG"
room mate #4 "Jesus, I have work in like 3 hours, can we just do something about this?"
Me "I have some duct tape..."
That was just a snap shot of my room dynamic for y'all.

Anyway, in my window shopping excursions, here's a few things I'm lusting after:

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