And a Few More

Thanks to the amazing Sarah at Yes and Yes who is a self-proclaimed travel addict, I picked up a few more tips for my upcoming plane trips (yes, the one has now expanded to include family visits to Seattle and San Antonio. Apparently I'm going to be living on a plane for the month of July).

One is 3 Fl. Oz which has all of your favorite brands and products in a convenient 3 fl. oz size for that pesky 3-1-1 regulation.
While I already have a collection of little 1 oz labeled bottles that I just decant into, I could see this being very useful for just trying out products that I'm not sure of or just want a taste of luxury without indulging.

The other is the bar lotion at Lush. I went and wandered over there after work to try it out, and while I can see the appeal, I just wasn't feeling the scents for some reason *shrug*.
However, I am all over the Bee Bar which smells like vanilla and bees wax (yum!) and comes in an adorable tin.

If you have any other tips, tricks or products to streamline, spill-proof, and generally making traveling easier give a shout out, I could always use a few more to keep my blood pressure down in the airport.

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