All the Boys

I just lately wandered into Esprit (again) I keep hoping that I'll find something exciting in there, because it strikes me as so.... European or something. However, once again I was non-plussed by their women's selection.
HOWEVER, over on the men's side I struck gold.
My fall back for button downs and "boyfriend" wear has been target's Athletic Fit line, which seems is no longer being stocked (poo-poo on you Target. What about all those athletic boys? What about me? )

But Esprit's slim fit shirts? Perfection. Looser on the top, fitted at the waist, perfectly slouchy and over-sized. The price tag leaves a lot to be desired after living off Target's $19.99 shirts, but hey, when they also have gorgeously slouchy v-neck sweaters and cardigans, I'll keep my mouth shut.

Note: Obvs, these clothes make me look just as rugged and handsome as the model, or just that my boyfriend does ;)
Also Esprit, why don't you carry your slim fit and urban fit options on line? So ladies, here's what it looks like, now head into stores because they have a lot more variety than the four options they carry online.

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