Malia Mills

I just finished my first day of my summer internship at Malia Mills and I LOVE it.

Very chill environment, the ladies that run the business are sweethearts, plus everything is made in NY's garment district (and it's a small boutique brand), so even on my first day I got to see how production went from the designer's sketches all the way to me tagging it and shipping it to the store right next to my apartment.
I'm not allowed to bring my camera to work or say too much about my internship (sorry guys. I had to sign a privacy agreement with them.)

So since I can't show you the pieces still in production that I wanted to snatch up, please just check out the stuff from their current collection that I'm drooling over.
I wish they did better pictures on their website, but that's part of my internship to brush up their media so we'll see what we can do
; )

Check out their website here.

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