I'm trying very hard to not get caught up in all the fall fashion when it's only mid-summer.
Because I heard somewhere that thigh high boots and fur aren't very practical in 100% humidity and 95 degrees.
So let's revisit the Spring/Summer 2010 rtw.

I'm really loving the architectural draping and volume right now. Blame my internship, I'm really starting to get into the Malia Mills aesthetic and embracing my minimalism.

Speaking of which, I feel like a style schizo. Between working at the Loft where the motto is "more is more! Shiny! Color! LAYERING!" and working at Malia Mills where the aesthetic is more androgynous, urban, and minimalist, I'm dressing two completely different ways for both jobs.
Although, lets be honest. The androgynous minimalist is much more me.

Loving Albino's S/S rtw, here's how I'd spin it:

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