I've already talked about my mission to bring on an actual carry-on this time for my upcoming vacation, instead of dealing with the hassle of checking my baggage.
Plus, I like to think that it gives me the opportunity to slim down my routine/get new solid products since I'm such a klutz.

I'm happen to just be one of those girls who can't leave the house without putting on a signature scent. In the winter it's a perfume with notes of roses and musk. In the summer, it's oranges and white musk.
So I figure Pacifica's orange blossom solid perfume is a good stand-in for my usuals. Small, convenient, spill-proof. Sweet.
 I'm willing to put any dime store sublock on my body, as long as it's SPF 50 or higher, of course.
For my face I'm much more picky (zits? No thank you). So this baby sunblock stick is perfect. SPF 60, hypoallergenic, oil free, fragrance free and waterproof.

Dry shampoo is a god send. I try not to shampoo my hair much anyway to avoid damaging my color and fine hair. Of course, there's the problem with "no aerosol containers except for .... in reasonable amounts". I am NOT willing to get through the line and find that they dump my big spray can of shampoo, so we're going to go with Blow which is just a squeeze bottle. Much better. 

Everything else (toothpaste, conditioner, moisturizer...) I figure I can either find minis in CVS or just pour into 3.4 oz bottles.
But watch out TSA, I might be hiding something in my Bumble & Bumble conditioner. I'm just saying. : )

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