Nude Shoes

Just doing a little shoe browsing. Since I'm stuck up in the northern hemisphere I usually don't get a chance to bust out warm weather anything, as I'm finding out by my social calendar.
Between going down south with the girls and a wedding in San Antonio I need to do some serious warm weather shopping. Can you believe I don't own anything without sleeves? Or any strappy shoes? Or any nude shoes for that matter?
I think these would be just gorgeous to wear to the wedding with my red dress (and out clubbing with my girls later shhh....)
 Nine West Consuela

Edit:  I just realized that I might not be up to date on wedding dress code. I know that it's a huge no-no to wear a white dress (um... duh) but what about white accessories? 
These are labeled as nude, and let's be honest, if I'm going to buy nude shoes/ones that match my skin tone they're going to be closer to cream than to tan. But of course I want to be within social guidelines?
What do you think? Are white accessories/shoes okay to wear to a summer wedding?

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