So pardon my absence, but I have a legitimate reason. I just launched my own website! It's just a little resume style website, something to point people towards when I graduate and start looking for a job (eek!) but I wanted to let you know because I have also moved my blog over to wordpress.
so check out my site at www.erindepew.com
and my blog at www.erindepew.com/blog
Although I realize switching over is pretty much suicide for followers, I've enjoyed you all so much that I hope you make the jump with me!


And it's coming....

Ugh! I didn't realize how much work I was getting myself into here! In between working my two jobs, taking classes, and setting up life as normal (ie internet, water, electricity...) trying to get my living space in order has been ridiculous!
But me and my roommates are still plugging along at it, and the ETA for it being finished is Friday since we want to have a party this Saturday in our new apartment, and I wouldn't say no if it spread out onto the roof.

But here's a few photos of the before and semi-after as you can see I'm only half finished refinishing the floor, so we'll just say that it's the before and middle :).
Who knew a girl like me would be frequenting Home Depot so often? There's been spackling, sanding, caulking, a belt sander, floor varnish, re-wiring, replacing doorknobs.... god. The list goes on.

So anyway, here's the before (Not pictured: me pulling 57 6" nails out of my wall. What was this guy hanging!?!):

God, this floor was just killing me. Apparently the previous tenant just decided one day to rip up the carpet and not do anything else. It still had rug staples and nails sticking up out of it! It's a beautiful wood floor though, and the landlord recommended to just put a carpet back over it, but I couldn't.

And the work in progress. But I think it's starting to look much better. A fresh floor, new white paint, some curtains and a good clean-up. It's coming along.

Although here you can see where I finished varnishing the floor yesterday. So today's project after work, finish the floor and put ALL of my stuff back into my room.

I can't wait to show you guys when it's all done. So bear with me and my absence! I'll be back soon when the crazy leaves, I promise.


Inspiration (Home Style)

I'm still gathering up some inspiration for what I want to do with this new apartment, but here's my moodboard of sorts. Some things that I definitely know I want: orchids, a sheep rug, a big mirror leaning against the wall, black laquer furniture, lots of little picture frames on the wall with photos or without, soft lighting, sheer curtains, vintage mannequins.
The color scheme I want is similar to my own wardrobe, black, grey, white, cream, and maybe a soft pink, though I'm definitely leaning towards painting my walls either a linen color or the lightest shade of tea green.



It's moving day here, so I have all of my stuff packed up and ready to go. I'm just crossing my fingers that all of it will fit in the back of a truck, as I refuse to deal with a moving van.
It's such a strange feeling seeing everything you own in one neat little pile. I still feel like I have too much, but c'est la vie.

I feel really nervous and my stomach is tight. Probably because this will be the first time that I'm not living with some sort of parent figure around to be a safety net if shit hits the fan. Now that I'm moving off University property, this is my first "real" apartment. I'm scared, nervous and very excited. 
Of course, Residential Life left me with one more kick in the ass to make sure that I'm more "good riddance" and excited than scared. Apparently I have to leave on the 19th, no exceptions, even though I explained that I can't move into my apartment until June 1st. Can't we work something out? 
Of course not, because that's the way things work and if we started making exceptions the world would fall apart. 
Ah... bureaucracy. How I despise thee. 
So I'm camping out on my girl friend's couch for the next 12 days. But I'm so excited to have a little place of my own to decorate. 

I took a quick snapshot of my bedroom after we signed the lease, and the rest of the apartment is gorgeous and so much space! My bedroom is on the long and narrow side, so behind me is more space and a walk in closet. Also outside that window is the fire escape which leads directly to the rooftop. Sweet. 
I'm already thinking of what I want to do to it, after I clean up the shit that the previous tenant left. I already know I want to keep those gorgeous 20th century hardwood floors. They just need a good polish. We're ripping down those horrendous floral curtains and putting up something lighter, and the whole place needs a good coat of white paint. As for the rest... I need to wait and gather some inspiration. I've never dealt with interior design on a shoestring budget, but it can't be that much different than fashion! 


Weekend Outfit

Here's my outfit I wore today for bumping around town, running a few errands, helping my friend pack and for a late night coffee date. So something stylish, comfy, that I can pretty much do backflips and jumping jacks in was necessary.

Also I was super proud of my mad make-up skillz... check out the subtle day time cat eye. It's small steps but at least I'm going somewhere and being able to draw a straight line is a big leap.

And yes, I realize I'm only 20 and have forehead wrinkles. I blame finals week and too much caffeine, hopefully they'll fade when I start to sleep regular hours again. 


Do it in the AM

Some Saturday party music...

Do it in the AM by Frankmusik



Finally finishing up the semester with finals week and trying to find an apartment for the next year. We have a candidate (a lovely little duplex in Brooklyn) and might possibly be signing the lease tonight, so wish me luck!

In the meantime, here's a video of a funny dog with eyebrows... because it's Wednesday and I could use a smile: